About Us

Woojoo PNC, from Pioneer to Market Leader

Woojoo PNC is a leading innovative technology company specialized in Fuel POS(Point of Sales) software and hardware system.

Since Woojoo PNC pioneered the market by supplying Korea's first POS system in 1987, Woojoo PNC has been dedicated to making a better IT environment with ATG, CRM, ERP System and CCTV in the business area of the retail petroleum and commercial fueling industries. Woojoo is proud to be a First Certified POS Company for IC credit card payment security certification on self-serve dispenser which was achieved in September, 2015.

Woojoo PNC will continue to be committed to being a creative market leader for a new future, challenge and change in the petroleum industry.

Key Information

CEO Heung Yeol Kwon
Founded February 9, 1987
Incorporation September 18, 2007
  • POS System for Gas Station, LPG Station, Delivery, Car Wash
  • ATG System(Automatic Tank Gauge)
  • Network Integrated Management System
  • CRM System(Customer Relationship)
Offices Head Office in Anyang, 4 branches in Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Daegu

Korea No. 1 Fuel POS & ATG Solution Company

Proven, stable & optimized technology

Nationwide Service
Fast after-sales service through the nationwide branch offices

Company Support
Maximizing the service efficiency

Being able to add the various features