ATG System
  ATG System : Key Functions  
In-Tank Fuel & Water Management,  Increased Business Efficiency  with POS Interface  
  • Automatic delivery/sales (record, check and print for delivery volume and sales volume by identifying delivery/sales per tank)
  • Delivery check (check the recorded delivery volume which is recorded during the fuel delivery into tanks)
  • Sales check (check the recorded inventory volume which is recorded during the inventory change)
  • Temperature compensated volume & weight compensated volume.
  • Water detection (Water Alarm is displayed and activated when the water is more than 20mm from the bottom of the tank)
  • Fuel overfill alarm (Delivery Overfill Alarm is activated when the volume of fluid in the tank exceeds the tank’s capacity)
  • Low product alarm (Low Product Alarm is activated when the volume in the tank drops to the proper inventory level)
  • Leak detection (leak is detected if there is any change when the sales is not in progress)
  • Calculation for tank table data (If there is no tank table data, data can be calculated and applied precisely by delivery volume and sales volume)
  ATG System : POS Interface  
In-Tank Fuel & Water Management,  Increased Business Efficiency  with POS Interface  
  • POS System
  • Central management system (fuel management company or national communication network)
  • Mobile system
  • Control of delivery pump and alarm system (prevention of overfill by setting the delivery limit)
  • Being able to apply to the specific intranet network such as government agency, company, etc (with operating PC web server for ATG, mobile system and connection to other network can be supported)
  • Head office management system (remote troubleshooting and inventory volume management)
  ATG System : Mobile System  
In-Tank Fuel & Water Management,  Increased Business Efficiency  with POS Interface  
  • Compatible with Android OS. iOS App is planned to be served
  • Support the display which is optimized for mobile phone
  • Support to monitor from any Web browser
  • Remote control capability using ATG App
  ATG System : Features  
In-Tank Fuel & Water Management,  Increased Business Efficiency  with POS Interface  
  • Checking the precise temperature with multipoint temperature compensated volume can be applied
  • Being able to install on the aboveground tank (Operating temperature & length – support up to 10M aboveground tank)
  • Supports 2 communication lines for more stable system operation by using another line when the communication error is occurred
  • With optical communication and wireless communication system, long-range communication or area can be supported and covered where the communication line is not installed
  ATG System : Product Configuration  
In-Tank Fuel & Water Management,  Increased Business Efficiency  with POS Interface  
▲ Proprietary software
  • Easy installation and management by Head Office
  • Various display configuration per tank numbers
  • User-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI)
▲ Smartphone App
  • Proprietary software for easy installation.
  • Real-time access to check inventory levels.
  • Wi-Fi / 4G communication with gas stations.
▲ HM720B Console
  • Ubiquitous computing environment with touch type
  • 7” LCD touch screen
  • Embedded mini printer
  • Interface with POS system

LCD Type Specification
Dimension 325 x 225 x 60(mm)
Power Supply AC 110/220 60Hz
Communication(Port) RS-232, RS-485/422, Ethernet, USB
Screen 7 inch
▲ HM620C PC Controller
  • Connection type with PC
  • Affordable price
  • Fast data process with PC
  • Customized Software
  • Interface with POS system
  • Intrinsic Safety Explosion Proof
PC Type Specification
Input Voltage AC 110/220 60Hz
Output Voltage DC 12V 30W
Max. number of sensors 16 sensors. additional sensors available
Explosion Proof Intrinsic Safety(Ex ia IIA T4)
Communication(Port) USB, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet
Status Display LED Indicator
Dimension 385 x 150 x 45(mm)
▲ HM520S Probe
  • Level Resolution of 0.001mm
  • Measures water and temperature
  • Solid stainless steel material
  • Smallest float

Probe Specification
Level Resolution 0.01% FS or less(unit 1/1,000mm)
Linearity ±0.05% FS
Temperature Change 40ppm FS/S or less
Scan Frequency 500 ~ 1000Hz
Max. Pressure 30kgf/㎠
Power Supply DC 12V, 70mA
Operating temperature range -20 ~ 65℃
Storage temperature range -50 ~ 85℃
Earthquake-Proof 6G(40Hz)
Impact Resistance 50G
Explosion-Proof Intrinsic Safety(Ex ia IIA T4)
Probe Type Magnetostrictive Probe Technology
Communication Type RS-485
Measurement Range 50 ~ 12,000mm
No. of Float 2 Floats for Fluid & Water
Float Size 40Ø


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