Business Area

 POS System : Gas / LPG Station 

Through the communication with Gas / LPG Dispenser, POS system collects the real-time sales information such as Gas / LPG fuel sales volume & inventory volume.
Based on collected sales information, POS system helps you to manage sales information such as sales data, daily sales report, customer loyalty system and issuing invoice, etc.                     

 ERP / MIS : HO Integrated Management System 

It is interfaced with all ERP / MIS System and allows you to analyze and share sales data, fuel data and dealer data in real-time.  

 POS System : Delivery / Car Wash 

Upon receipt of order, delivery system can check the customer information automatically and is computerized to manage the order frequency such as pre-order, customer order and management pre customer and delivery ledger management.
Car Wash system in connection with POS allows you to manage various sales data, customer management and sales analysis.  

 ATG System : Fuel Tank Management 

Through PC screen, ATG System is the automatic fuel tank gauge system to allow anytime, anywhere to monitor fuel inventory, tank temperature and water volume in the tank at the gas station.  



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