[POS] Delivery & Car Wash
  Delivery & Car Wash Management System : Key Functions  
Optimized System,  Custom-Made System, Fast Service  
  Delivery Management System  
  • Caller identification(ID) display & automatic identification of customer information(recent order, customer unit price, outstanding amount).
  • Receipt of pre-order & being able to predict the expected order by knowing the order frequency.
  • Managing outstanding amount & payment status
  • Managing unit price contract per customer
  • Feature of delivery ledger management(per delivery date, delivery attendant, tank lorry vehicle, etc.)
  Car Wash Management System  
  • Use of member point in connection with POS
  • Processing the various sales(car wash by cash, car wash for member, free car wash)
  • Printing closing report(printing closing report by sales type, vehicle)
  • Interfacing with POS system(member management, point management, sales analysis)


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