HO Management
  Head Office Integrated Management System  
Interface HO Integrated Management System  With ERP ▪ MIS  
[ Screen of Head Office Integrated Management System With POS System ]
[ Data Transmission System To Head Office ]
 Interface With ERP ▪ MIS System & Legacy System At Head Office 
  • Being able to support the interface to the current ERP / MIS System
  • Supports to transmit data per hour(sales data, ATG Inventory, Totalizer)
  • Real-time online process between other sites(delivery/sales) when using ODT system + Integrated server
  • Setup knowledge information infrastructure with dealer management and shared information
  • Provides various information through the Web-based data analysis
  • Improvement of customer reliability and strengthening customer service
  • Enabling real-time analysis of sales data(sales analysis per site by Head Office, branch office and management department)
  • Enabling to create a sales strategy
  Head Office Integrated Management System   POS & ATG System  : System Diagram  
Interface HO Integrated Management System  With ERP ▪ MIS  


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